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Play time: 15-20 minutes (25-30 moves)
Materials: Pine wood, ceramic and methacrylate
In the Thebes game, thel board begins completly full of counters and finishes almost empty. To win players have to reach two positions that represent the two war's phases. A board´s characteristic is that it can be set up randomly in each game and so big as one wants. The rules and movements depend on the colour of the square you're occupying.

Thebes is a city of Beoetia. The city of Oedipus and the sphinx. The legend says that, the mother earth, angry with humans for their massive procreation and excessive explotaition of her resources, asked Zeus to exterminate a part of the population. Zeus wanted to provoque cataclysms and catastrophs; but advised by Momo, the greek personification of the sarcasm, brought about a war between the two Oedipus sons for the succession of the throne. This is the beginning of the 7 against Thebes war.

The 7 chiefs believing themselves superior arrived in front of the Thebes walls sure to have a quick victory, but the city resisted and at the end they losed. Years later the sons of the 7, the Epigonoi, came back to revenge the death of their fathers and presented war again. When they were old, they reached the theban citadel , leaving backwards a very long time of war and death.

Jugadores 2
Tiempo 15-20'
Recommended minimum age 8

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