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Astrojax Saturn Blue Diamond


Astrojax is a fascinating toy focused on rhythm and your personal style. It combines aspects of yo-yo, juggling, and poi, but focuses on exploration. Astrojax is three balls on a string, with one ball at each end and a sliding center ball. The magic lies in the sliding centrally-weighted middle ball.

The basic movement of Astrojax is called an orbit. Basic orbits involve holding an end ball and letting the other two balls, well, orbit around each other. But orbits are just the beginning! While there are TONS of well-documented tricks, the tricks that we HAVEN'T documented are limitless.

Everyone, from young children to adults find something to enjoy. If you're active and want a toy as limitless as your imagination that challenges your very notion of fun, then look no further than Astrojax.

Astrojax Saturn Blue Diamond is made of smooth polycarbonate balls with a precision-machined metal core and extra bright blue LED's. Two light modes: continuous and disco strobe.

Constructed almost identical to the original Saturn but boasts brighter all blue LED’s putting on the ultimate light show during night play! Astrojax Saturn Blue Diamond are best played with in the dark as they are equipped with battery powered extra bright blue LED's to create incredible displays of light trails with the two stage light settings. Use the continuous mode to create linear trails of intense light or use the strobe/disco setting to see and create thrilling scattered patterns of light.

3 batteries per ball, neon orange day glow string (sensitive to black light), and a Docking Station for easy storage

Ball diameter: 33mm

Recommended minimum age 8
Diámetro 21,5cm

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