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The 2001 Game of the Year recreates the French city of Carcassonne and the surrounding area, famous for its unique medieval fortress that surrounds the old part of the town. In this game, players must strategically place their pieces of land and their pawns to try to control the areas and buildings of the region, its castles, roads, monasteries and camps. It is a simple yet comprehensive strategy game for 2-5 players from 10 years and upwards. The duration of the game is usually 30 to 45 minutes, which makes it a quick and fast game play.

  • 72 pieces of land
  • 1 scoreboard
  • 1 rule sheet
  • 12 peces of river*
  • 5 abbots*
(*)mini expansions "The river" and "The abbot" included.

This edition is in Catalan. Also available in Spanish. (ref. BGCARCAS2)

Altura 27cm
Anchura 19cm
Profundidad 7cm
Jugadores 2-5
Peso 750g
Tiempo 35'
Recommended minimum age 7

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