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Stone Age Junior


In the stone age humans had a very different way of life. Find out from the stories of Bubo and Leta how people lived and discover what their day to day life was like.

Learn how the first hominids created their settlements. Get the resources you need and build your first village!

Awarded with Kinderspiel des Jahres in 2016, comes the children's version of one of Devir's most successful games, Stone Age, created by Marco Teubner, author of Carcassonne Junior.

Contents: 1 rulebook with several stories, 1 illustrated gameboard, 4 villages, 35 high quality tiles, 24 wooden figures

This game is in spanish

Altura 31,5cm
Anchura 22,5cm
Profundidad 7,5cm
Jugadores 2-4
Peso 1,3kg
Tiempo 15'
Recommended minimum age 5

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