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In this exciting game you must create your own stories: funny, picturesque, ridiculous or true. With Storytelling you can invent more than 100 million unique stories! No story is the same! What makes Storyteller so fun? You create your story through a combination of letters. You are the only one who knows how your story goes and the other players must discover it. How? Using deduction tactics, wit or trying to read your mind. You can help them by telling them how many words they have hit or by giving them special clues. One thing is for sure, with Storytelling creativity and fun are guaranteed.

Contents: 1 game board, 1 turntable, 1 way to make a combination of 4 parts, printed on both sides. From 0 to 33 squares (yellow path) and from 0 to 44 squares (blue path for experienced players), 4 game figures (2 bunnies, 1 pirate and 1 princess) + 4 bases, 110 game cards: 84 history cards (4 × 21), 11 end of the story cards, 5 track cards, 5 summary cards with a summary of the rules and 5 cards with 11 possible endings, 1 notebook; to share between the CUENTACUENTOS and the other players, 2 pencils, 8 markers: 4 blue 4 red, 1 bunny figure to take the count of the turns, 1 betting strip and 4 zip bags.


Altura 30 cm
Anchura 30 cm
Profundidad 7 cm
Jugadores 2-10
Peso 822 gr
Tiempo aprox. 45'
Recommended minimum age 8
AUTOR Hans Van Tol

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