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Quick reaction game for 2-8 players.

One player turns the top card of the deck so everyone can see the card. Then the players must try to catch the object matching, even in color, with that shown on the card. If there is no object that meets the requirements, players must catch the one that neither appears on the card nor share color with any of the objects that appear on it. The player who wins, places the card in front of him as a reward and proceeds to reveal the next card from the deck. The game ends when there's no more cards to play. Whoever earns the most cards is the winner.

Content: Five wooden pieces (ghost, armchair, bottle, book, mouse), 60 cards with illustrations.

Rules in spanish.

Altura 13cm
Anchura 13cm
Profundidad 4cm
Jugadores 2-8
Peso 250g
Tiempo 20-30'
Recommended minimum age 8

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