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With the Gravitrax track set you can build your own marble track systems. Use the building blocks to design an action-packed course for your marbles.

Various add-ons allow you to extend you _Gravitrax marble track system for endless building and racing fun!

Contents: Instuctions (D,F,I,EN,NL,E), construction plan booklet, task booklet, 4 base plates, 2 transparent levels, 6 balls, 40 large height tiles, 12 small height tiles, 21 curves, 3 junctions, 2 switches, 1 3-in-1 block, 1 vortex, 1 launch pad, 1 magnetic cannon, 3 long tracks, 6 mediom tracks, 9 short tracks, 1 finich line, 4 basic tiles, inserts for basic tiles: 2 catchers, 1 freefall, 1 splash, 1 landing.

Recommended minimum age 8
Altura 33,5 cm
Profundidad 11cm
Piezas over 100
Anchura 33,5cm
Peso 2,8kg


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