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KeyForge is a card game created by the legendary game designer Richard Garfield. It is presented as the only game in which the deck is adapted to each player, is unique, and therefore can not be given two equal games. A new world of possibilities beyond the classic decks construction mechanics that will take you to the next level of game experience.

In this exciting game, two players compete to forge keys with which to open the hidden chambers of the Crucible, an artificial world composed of fragments of innumerable planets and civilizations. Thanks to an incredible variety of creatures, artifacts and abilities, each deck is completely unique and each battle is an unrepeatable event!

Includes: 1 "Radiante Argus el supremo" deck, 1 "Señorita Ónice Censorius" deck, 2 unique Arconte decks, 6 Key tokens, 26 Amber tokens, 22 Damage tokens, 10 power status cards, 10 stunned state cards, 2 cards and 2 chain registration cards and a quick start rule in Spanish.

Altura 26 cm
Anchura 26 cm
Profundidad 5,5 cm
Jugadores 2
Peso 785 gr
Recommended minimum age 14

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