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Tyrannosaurus, moving (Tyrannosaurus Rex)


¡Beware! The king of dinnosaurs is hunting! But don't worry, he only does what you command.

Towering over other dinosaurs, the terrible T-Rex ran swiftly with long strides.


Fun facts:


The skull and jaw of the T-Rex were almost as tall as the height of a school bus.

  • Conservation Status: Extinct
  • Global Home: North America
  • Primary Habitat: Forest

North America


Although it looked menacing, the T-Rex had little use for its short arms which only had two claws and could not reach its mouth.


At almost twenty feet high and almost forty feet long, the T-Rex was not a great hunter but a scavenger, eating what other animals or dinosaurs left behind.


Even though it had over fifty teeth that were over six inches long, its teeth were not used to chew but to tear since it swallowed its meals in chunks.


To have better depth perception in looking for its next meal, the eyes of the T-Rex were both pointed forward so that its vision overlapped.

Altura 16cm
Anchura 10cm
Profundidad 29cm
Recommended minimum age 3

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