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Straight from the secure world of childhood play comes this cudly, well made ragdoll.


It has been created by BRIO's educational doll makers to engage growing children in enjoyable and developmental doll play.


It is clear from the design of this doll , from its unruly baby curls right down to its beautifully made toes, that it is a genuine quality toy by BRIO.


During the design of BRIO dolls great care has been taken to incorporate developmental benefits for the child:

  • Stimulating fine moor skills through the use of buttons, zips and knots.
  • Using different real-life textures to stimulate children's tactile perception and strengthen the ability to recognize the textures of their own clothes.
  • Each doll requires different degrees of manual dexterity in order to stimulate learning and concentration.
  • Giving each doll a name awakens the child's interest in relationships and the beginning o social awareness.

Doll's clothes can be hand washed up to 30ºC

Altura 30cm
Recommended minimum age 3

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