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La Masia is an educational toy, ecological and environment friendly. Made with recyclable and biodegradable cardboard.


This cardboard house will allow children of 1-7 years to develop and grow playing. With La Masia, parents and educators will offer kids the chance to work important aspects of their development.


Through symbolic play with La Masia, children will blow their imagination, fine motor skills (drawing, handwriting,...), gross motor skills(crouch, crawl, sit ...), learn the colors and new vocabulary and concepts such as inside, outside, open, closed ...

The assembly and disassembly of the cardboard house La Masia is extremely easy beacuse it's only one piece.

Includes a reusable white bag 120cm wide x 85cm high. Easy to carry.

Anchura 90cm
Piezas 1
Altura 100cm
Profundidad 80cm
Recommended minimum age 1

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