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Kidnelis The Game Catalan Edition


Kidnelis game in Catalan. Contains 1 pencil, 1 eraser, 1 notepad and 100 cards.

Help your children to read and write in a fun way.

The kidnelis game is an educational game that encourages reading, reading comprehension and writing for children who are learning to read.

Children learn by playing, because they must read, understand and write.

Girls and boys play learning, as they have to successfully overcome the comprehension of sentences.

Reading is a necessity but it is also an activity that provides pleasure.

Reading is a pleasure and it is within everyone's reach!

Psychoeducational Benefits

At the age of six the learning of reading-writing becomes very important. And it is a long and intense learning. Keep in mind that each child has its rhythm and, therefore, not all achieve the same level of knowledge at the same age. This game is suitable for those children who have already achieved a good level of reading and writing and have iniciated the understanding of contents.

The way the game is structured allows handwriting, reading and writing, attention and concentration, short-term memory, understanding and imagination to work. At the same time the latter has the extra benefit of understanding the world, reality-fiction and the power to generate dialogues of different contents:

Handwriting practice, fine psychomotricity. The fact that the card is in block letter one side and cursive on the other, allows the child to practice writing according to his own evolutionary moment.


Read and copy the sentence correctly. In this part we could include everything that refers to working in reading and writing deficits.

For the reading part we could talk of promoting the sequencing of sentences, the separation of words, good reading of words, intonation and understanding (we can evaluate all this by making the child read aloud and then asking him the meaning of the sentence). We can also play with the sequential memory if we make him read, hide and repeat.

For the writing part we can work the separation of words, the possible omissions, replacements, inversions of syllables, (all those common errors especially with dyslexia). When copying the sentence and then comparing with the original we are working all these writing errors.


This game is aimed to multiple groups thanks to its format. From children over 6 who are learning to read and write to foreigners who learn the language, or even older people to maintain their mental, visual and all those faculties this game works on.

Regarding pathologies we can say that it is a useful tool for disorders such as ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, reading and writing disability, poor calligraphy, and poor learning of orthographic norms. These pathologies are more associated with childhood, but it could also be used with people who are losing memory or faculties in general, since it is a tool that enhances both the fine motor skills and the intellect.

Includes a free download code for the Kidnelis game available on the App Store and Google Play!

Altura 4cm
Anchura 17cm
Profundidad 17cm
Peso 500g
Recommended minimum age 5

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