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Fuel Cell Kit Profi Line Fischertechnik


How does a fuel cell work and how does it generate hydrogen? The Fuel Cell Kit brings this technology of the future directly into the child's play room and provides answers to these and other questions! The construction set Oeco Energy or Oeco Tech is absolutely required for the operation of the construction set. With the Fuel Cell and the additional Solar Module (included in Oeco Energy/Oeco Tech sets), five interesting additional models can be built.

  • Includes instructional activity booklet
  • Includes reversible fuel cell with integrated hydrogen storage unit, 1x solar module (1.0V, 440 mA)

Additionally required (not included):

  • Oeco Energy or Oeco Tech

Warning!: Choking hazard due to small parts that can be swallowed. For use by children over the age of 10 only. To be used only under the close supervision of adults, who have taken the necessary precautions described in the experiments kit.They contain instructions for parents and these must be followed. Keep the packaging and instructions, as they contain important information.

Altura 15cm
Anchura 22,5cm
Profundidad 6,5cm
Peso 400g
Piezas 20
Recommended minimum age 10

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