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Pickomino is a turbulent dice game with the beloved chicken ambience.


In the playing centre, 16 portions of “barbeque worms” with different values are waiting on the “grill” to be snatched up by the dice-throwing chickens.


To do this, a player rolls all 8 dice at the same time. He then picks a dice number (or worm symbol) from his throw and removes all the dice showing the same number or symbol. He then continues to throw with the remaining dice. If he achieves the value of a displayed "barbeque worm portion" on the grill, he may take this portion - or maybe even a portion from the plate of his fellow chickens! 


Pickomino is a cult dice game for shrewd fowls that have smelled the “barbeque worm”.



Profundidad 13cm
Tiempo 20-30'
Anchura 13cm
Jugadores 2-7
Recommended minimum age 8
Altura 4cm

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