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Bunny Kingdom is a card selection and zone control game by Richar Garfield, creator of other games like Magic the Gathering.

You are rabbit lords to the conquest of a new world in the name of King Bunny. You will have to control vast territories throughout the New World, build cities and produce resources to make your fiefs prosper and collect the precious Golden Carrots. Do not forget to please the king by fulfilling missions in the service of His Majesty. Each decision can bring you closer to victory, but only one will be named "Orejotas" by King Bunny. Will you be worthy of it?

CONTENT: 144 rabbit figures, 39 city figures, 1 New World board, 24 construction cards, 182 exploration cards, 4 help cards and a regulation.

Altura 29,5cm
Profundidad 7,6cm
Peso 1,5Kg
Recommended minimum age 14
Anchura 29,5cm
Jugadores 2-4
Tiempo 45'

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