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The second part of the quick reaction game that makes your brain squeeze. This time we are in another room of the Ghost Lords' castle. If the Ghost Lord was in the living room, ready to read a book sitting in his favorite chair and sipping some wine, the Ghost Lady is about to take a bath. For this she has her bath, brush, towel and rubber frog.

The mechanism of the game is the same as in the original game. Players must be the first to catch the object that matches the shape and color of the card. And if there is none that meets those requirements, they must catch the one not represented in the card shape or color.

Blitz Ghost 2.0 (Fantasma Blitz 2.0) is perfectly playable by itself, you do not need the original game, however playing the two combined increases excitement because the rules get complicated!

Rules in Spanish and Portuguese.

Altura 13cm
Anchura 13cm
Profundidad 4cm
Jugadores 2-8
Peso 250g
Tiempo 20-30'
Recommended minimum age 8

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