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Catan 5-6 player extension catalan edition


If you liked Settlers of Catan, now enjoy it with two more friends with the 5-6 players extension, which includes all you need to grow the island and all the necessary figures for two more players to face a challenge on a new level!

Catan - Base game is needed to play.


  • 11 terrain hexes
  • 4 frame pieces
  • 28 numbered tiles
  • 2 construction costs tables
  • 25 raw material cards
  • 9 development cards
  • 2 sets of game figurines (brown and green) each containing 5 settlements, 4 cities and 15 roads.
  • game rules

Catalan Edition

Altura 4cm
Profundidad 30cm
Peso 450gr
Recommended minimum age 10
Anchura 15cm
Jugadores 5-6
Tiempo 90'

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