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Catan - Explorers & Pirates


Catan: Explorers & Pirates is the fourth major expansion of Catan after Seafarers, Cities & Knights and Traders & Barbarians. Includes five scenarios and three missions.

Unlike a normal game of Catan, on Explorers & Pirates the map is composed of three different islands, two of which start the game unexplored.

Components: plastic figures: 16 harbor settlements, 36 crews, 12 boats, 8 settlers, 12 scoring tokens, 4 pirate ships, 6 shoals of fish, 24 sacks of spices. In die-cut cardboard: 40 gold coins of value 1 and 36 of value 3, frame pieces, 30 terrain hexes, 12 numbered tiles, 6 pirate lair tiles, 3 mission markers, 3 victory point markers, 4 construction cost cards and 10 zip bags.

Spanish Edition

Tiempo 90'
Jugadores 3-4
Recommended minimum age 10


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