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Arab Foal (Equus ferus)

Wearing rich tones of black, gray, bay or chestnut, Arabian horses are a pleasure to behold.


Fun facts:

In competition, Arabians can traverse one hundred miles in a day.

  • Conservation Status: Domesticated
  • Global Home: Worldwide



Prized and raised by Bedouins, Arabians lived with families in the desert, sometimes even sleeping inside their tents!


Today, these distinguished horses are easily recognizable by their tail carriage and head shape. Almost any horse breed can trace its roots back to an Arabian bloodline as Arabians were bred to benefit other breeds with their capability for speed and endurance as well as their predisposition to healthy bones.


In terms of temperament, Arabians boast quick learning and agreeability coupled with vigilance and spirit.


Known as 'The Versatile Arabian,' this breed is often awarded at endurance competitions and is a popular breed worldwide.

Altura 7,8cm
Anchura 4cm
Profundidad 7,9cm
Recommended minimum age 3

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