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Let's go on holiday!


Such excitement: The farm animals are going on a holiday! But scatterbrained farmer Hannes has swapped all the tickets. Now he has put on his sunglasses and can‘t tell the sheep from the chickens... Can you help him to take the animals to their correct holiday destination?


In this exciting game of feel and touch you must first recognize the animals and afterwards place them on their correct holiday destination.


This asks for sensitivity, a good memory and of course, spacial imagination.



  • 1 game board made of 4 parts (Ø 40cm. approx.)
  • 6 animal chips
  • 24 animal figures
  • 1 farmer
  • 6 start cards
  • 54 task cards
  • 1 sunglasses
  • Instructions
Jugadores 2-4
Recommended minimum age 5
Tiempo 20-40'

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