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This is a card game of deduction. You have to figure out where Dodo the bear sleeps.


All cards are placed face up in the center. Played clockwise. The youngest player hides Dodo under one of the cards, while the other players turn around.

Later, they ask who has hidden Dodo, Is Dodo sleeping in the house of an animal with a mustache?. The game host must answer yes or no. If the answer is yes, flip all the animals that have no mustache. If the answer is no, flip all the animals that have.
The player who discovers Dodo wins a chip. The next player becomes host and Dodo must hide again.

The game ends when a player is dealt five chips.

Depending on the age of the players, the game can be adapted:
- For children: Reduce the number of cards in play.
- For older kids: Don't flip cards as information is provided, to exercise memory. You must ask the right questions and find out by elimination.

- 24 cards.
- 16 chips.
- 10 "Dodo" (only one is needed to play, more are included in case of loss or deterioration)

Recommended minimum age 4
Altura 3cm
Profundidad 12cm
Piezas 24
Recommended maximum age 7
Anchura 8,5cm
Jugadores 2-4
Tiempo 5'

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