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Discover a world of fascinating award winning miniature collectibles in a myriad of popular themes. Each collection is professionally sculpted and finely hand painted. Great for school projects or it's just fun to display anywhere. Excellent "carry-along" for any excursion since the figures are neatly packed in a reusable acetate tube. This product is phthalate-free and thoroughly safety tested to safeguard your child's health.

Educational Information


Great Sphinx at Giza
Probably the most revered of the Egyptian entities, the sphinx has the body of a lion and the head of a king or god. He symbolizes strength and wisdom.


Tutankhamen’s Funeral Mask
Tutankhamen is known as the “boy pharoah.” He ruled Egypt from 1333 to 1323 B.C. He changed his name from Tutankhaten to Tutankhamen when he switched religions.


The scarab is as significant a symbol to Egyptians as the cross is to Christians. Often used as the official seals of reigning monarchs, scarabs were also magical amulets


Amulet of Anubis
Ancient Egyptians placed Anubis amulets in important tombs to protect them from evil spirits and to assist departed souls on their afterlife journeys.


Hieroglyph of Ra, Sun God
Because Re could also create other gods and goddesses, he was also referred to as Power of Creation


The Pyramids of Giza
Giza’s three pyramids were built in the fourth dynasty of Egypt’s Old Kingdom. The largest, known as the Great Pyramid, is the last survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


Thoth was the moon god, the god of wisdom and the inventor of written language. He is represented as a man with the head of an ibis.


Anubis is the patron of mummification and the god of the dead. He had the body of a man and the head of a jackal animal.


Mummy Case
The Egyptians believed they could take their possessions into the afterlife, so they were buried with their belongings. Mummy cases were intricately decorated with meaningful hieroglyphs.


Patron of women, mothers, children, magic and medicine. Isis was the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus.


Queen Nefertiti
Her name means “the beautiful woman has come.” Nefertiti was the wife of Akhenaten, with whom she had six daughters. Her origins are a mystery.


The Egyptian goddess of pleasure, music, dancing and joy, Bastet is the daughter of Re, the sun god. Cats were considered manifestations of Bastet.

Altura 4-7,5cm
Piezas 12
Recommended minimum age 3

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