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One tree planted for every puzzle sold
Imagine a world where ordinary creatures merge to form weird, wonderful fantasy animals! Well, we’ve done the hard work and come up with one of our dreamiest puzzles yet. HYBRIDS will fire your imagination and get you day-dreaming about far-off worlds and bizarre creatures. A powerful puzzle with a difference, and one that is designed to ignite your creative impulses.

Squirrel-peacocks, mouse-fish, and frog-scorpions: these are just some of the weird and wonderful creatures to spring from the imagination of designer Hsiao Ron Cheng. The gorgeous illustrations will lift your spirits and transport you to an alternate reality, where horses have butterfly wings and cats have bunny tails! Each creature is carefully drawn with intricate details, creating an inspiring tableau of images that are sure to fuel your imagination.

Beautiful, dreamy 1000-piece puzzle from Cloudberries, featuring weird and wonderful hybrids

Designed in the UK and made in Europe to the highest-possible standards!
Extra-thick pieces and a premium matt finish. Just like other Cloudberries puzzles, the pieces fit together snugly with a satisfying ‘click’
Completed puzzle size: 68cm x 48.5cm

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