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In this card game you play as a Japanese magician, and you will face others who, like you, crave the power that kirin grant to their lords. To do this, you must use the spells that kanji give to cards. In turn, you will choose how to combine your attack to be the most spectacular, and obtain one of the three letters of kirin that give you the victory.

Kanji Battle is an agile game, quick to learn, and you will enjoy a fun time immersing in the more magical Japan.

Learn Japanese playing ...

Moreover, if you love Japanese culture and want to master their language, with the game easily learn to read kanji. If, in addition to playing, if you take the exam to achieve an official Japanese degree that demonstrates your knowledge of the language, now you can.

With this edition of Kanji Battle you will find the original card game and a notebook with which to learn and practice the grammar points and vocabulary you'll need when taking the exam.

Jugadores 2-6
Tiempo 60'
Recommended minimum age 12

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