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In the past days
of brave knights,
one, on his pony, mounted,
found a man on alert
that made him an offer

so, he, was endorsed.

Long ago the knights roamed the world rescuing princesses and slaying dragons by the standard pay of half a kingdom. At present, the knights know more business, and understand the huge profits that sponsorships can make.

In Fantasia, S.A. you and up to four friends play the role of entrepreneur knights who do whatever it takes to get the best endorsement deals. Sponsors may be more interested in you if you use accessories like the Horsepowered Ballista  or the Massive Codpiece, and you can take them away from your opponents with cards like Humiliated by Mom or Beaten like a red-headed servant.

Unfortunately, getting sponsors also requires performing many heroic and unpleasant deeds as to finish with Achulu, whom should not sneeze, recover the Scepter of 847 parts or defeat Calamari, the great kraken.

Well, you knew it was not an easy job when you took it ...


Jugadores 2-5
Tiempo 20'
Recommended minimum age 12

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