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A dusty street. Tumbling weeds from side to side. Two men standing face to face. One of them is armed with a gun. The other one points his Winchester at him.
Everyone is watching anxiously thinking that the gunman is dead, that he doesn't stand a chance against the rifle ... But they don't know that his gun is a Volcanic!
In the Wild West, the Outlaws chase down the Sheriff, the Sheriff hunts down the Outlaws and the Renegade device his secret plan, ready to join either side. Soon, the bullets will buzz!
Who will be the Marshals, ready to give his life for the Sheriff? Who will be the ruthless outlaws who try to kill it? The most popular card game in the Wild West again, in an enhanced format, with new components, easier to learn and play than ever!
Enjoy the game that has been acclaimed by more than half a million worldwide gunmen!
103 Playing Cards
7 Card
summary 7 boards
30 sheets of bullet
1 Book of Rules

Jugadores 4-7
Tiempo 20-40'
Recommended minimum age 8

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