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An innovative yoga game that encourages values ??and regains postural habits often forgotten.

This is a game with text in Catalan consisting of 27 cards with a very elegant presentation. 20 cards of Yoga postures related to animals and elements of nature. Behind every card we find three sections: "How to do it", "How does it help our body" and "How does it helps our mood". There are 4 respiration cards and in the back we can also find "How to do it" and "How does it help our body"

Two rules are proposed, one about memory that allows you to practice the postures and the other, more creative and social, in which children must invent and represent a story with each and every one of the cards they've been dealt.
To complete the game, there are two cards in which two stories with moral are told. "The fountain path" and "The story of happiness"


It comes in a cardboard box with a wooden case. The cards are made of cardboard.

Altura 3,7cm
Anchura 11,5cm
Profundidad 15,5cm
Jugadores 2-8
Recommended minimum age 3

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