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Strike it up! the Gyro-discs spin up to 1000 rpm! The original GYRO-RING® provides hours of fast-paced excitement for all ages! Just hold the 11" metal ring and strike the smaller discs.
As you rotate the ring, the discs begin spinning faster and faster, like mini-gyroscopes! At first, the challenge is to keep all the discs spinning. Once you can do this, there are several tricks and stunts to master
This lightening-fast version of the GYRO-RING® is specially machine-balanced and created by Fascinations® for competition stunts.
The sleek look and bright, brass rings will attract attention as you perform the tricks the pros do, such as: OVER THE FALLS, ROLLER COASTER and RING OF FIRE!
Watch some of the things you can do:

Diámetro 24cm
Recommended minimum age 3

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