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Here comes the game of Crucigramàrius to celebrate the centenary of the first crossword puzzles.


In 1913, in New York, the first crossword puzzle was published. In a century, the art of hiding words has evolved.

From newspapers, riddles have jumped to radio and internet. Whoever solves an enigmàrius, they feel the need to invent more .

Crucigramàrius game gives you the tools to solve them and learn how to make them. A dynamic verbal competition allows you to complete words in a cardboard with easy, intermediate and advanced game levels.

Randomly, you must solve a Crucigramàrius, find an anagram, choose between three possible meanings of a word or just say a word containing a certain letter. But maybe you should also challenge the other players by formulating an Crucigramàrius that you can create yourself with the help of the secret ingredients allowed in each response.

A game suitable for beginners and also for people who have never managed to finish a crossword puzzle.


  • 216 cards with verbal challenges to earn letters, vowels on one side and consonants on the other.
  • 1 challenge die.
  • 256 letters.
  • 20 cards with five five-letter words of on one side and six-letter words on the other.
  • 12 wildcards.
  • 6 mastaba screens.
  • 72 exclamation points.
  • Solucionàrius.
  • Rules.

The game is in Spanish. There's also available a Catalan version called Enigmàrius (ref. BGENIG)

Profundidad 29,5cm
Tiempo 90'
Anchura 29,5cm
Jugadores 1-6
Recommended minimum age 10
Altura 7cm

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