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Food Fight for schools


Have a “Food Fight” about “Who has the healthiest fruit or vegetables”.

Learn what vitamins and minerals are and gain knowledge about all the fruits and vegetables that make us healthy.

With the “Food Fight” mat, it becomes much more fun to learn. The Food Fight game can be played in various ways, accommodating the age of the children participating.

Includes instructions for 3 game modes played with cards only (from 4 and 6 years) and 12 game modes played with the playmat (from 4, 5, 6 and 7 years)

Small children can learn what fruits and vegetables are called and learn the colours, while the slightly older children gain knowledge about the fruits and vegetables.

They can also play fun games such as doing an exercise: Touch 5 green fruits at the same time, using arms, legs and maybe the elbow, but without losing your balance.


  • 1 Educational mat 100x150 cm
  • 34 healthy fruit Food Fight cards and 2 trump cards
  • 34 healthy vegetables Food Fight cards and 2 trump cards
  • 1 soft die, storage bag and user guide
Jugadores 2-4
Recommended minimum age 4

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