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Body Junior for schools and kindergartens


Roll the dice, follow the path of the blood vessels and discover how amazing the human body is. Experience an adventure inside the human body and solve the problems that the game lays out. Use your own experiences to answer the questions as you learn and exercise your body. Each correct answer will get you a card with a number of years. Later on you will see the doctor, who will reward you for having a healthy attitude. You should also perform strength exercises to demonstrate how strong, fast and good fellow you are. At the end of the game, the player with more years wins.

BODY is a fun alternative method of learning for children.

BODY is used in many subjects such as biology, mathematics or physical education. It can be played in groups and started from anywhere in the playmat. Normally played during a limited time, for example during a class.

Questions may also be used without the mat when children are studying a particular subject, such as the heart. Learn while they answer some fun BODY questions during class.

Instead of accumulating years, chips, raisins or beans can also be given for each correct answer, so that younger children are aware of points earned.


  • Playmat (60x200cm)
  • 240 questions and answers
  • 240 challenges distributed in 10 organs
  • Medical Control and Strength Exercises
  • 2 dice
  • 6 wooden markers
  • transport bag to store everything
Jugadores 2-6
Recommended minimum age 5

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