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Portable, rechargeable indoor/outdoor light colour changing lights.


When turned off aduki ni looks like a totally silver metallic bean, heavy and perfect to hold in the hand. Turn aduki ni on and it comes alive changing colour through a spectrum of colours.


Aduki ni is rechargeable lasting 6-8 hours without a lead. It is designed as an outdoor/indoor product and is splash proof, ideal for use in the garden in the summer. There are three colourways to choose from.


Splash proof for outdoor use

Use as an elegant indoor light or outside in the summer. Can be hung using the cord suppplied.


Silver when turned off

Aduki ni is entirely silver when turned off. Once switched on the top half fades in to colour changing light. Aduki ni can be paused on a colour of your choice.


Materials: chrome plated die, cast zinc base, a thermoplastic upper case with mirror coating and silicone buttons.


Light: high quality chip controlled LEDs


Package size: 12cm x 9cm

Recommended minimum age 14

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