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Tantrix Discovery black wooden stand


Discovery is the perfect introduction to Tantrix - each Tantrix Discovery set contains 10 colour-coded, numbered tiles, which are enough for ten graded solitaire puzzles. While almost everyone can solve the simplest puzzle with just three tiles, everyone finds a level at which the puzzles become challenging and intriguing as the number of tiles increases. As a result, Tantrix Discovery appeals widely to people of all ages and abilities. The solutions to the puzzles are not easy to remember, and in some cases they have several solutions, which guarantees fun every time you play with TANTRIX DISCOVERY.

Furthermore, DISCOVERY sets can be purchased separately, and combined together, which can increase the difficulty level to where you want. The second set of chips becomes 11-20, the third 21-30, and so on.THE CHALLENGE IS ENDLESS !!

Contents: 10 hexagonal tiles made of bakelite, a wooden stand and instructions.

Piezas 10
Altura 6,5cm
Profundidad 4,5cm
Peso 120g
Recommended minimum age 6
Anchura 6,5cm
Jugadores 1

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