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It feels like magic, but you will need science and brain power to direct the beam through these maze challenges!

Select a challenge card and place the tokens on the grid as indicated. Determine where to add the extra tokens so the beam will hit the target. Activate the laser, light-up the target and... You win!

Includes: 60 Challenge Cards and Solutions (4 levels of play, Beginner through Expert), Instructions, Game Tokens (1 Laser, 5 Target/Mirrors, 2 Beam Splitters, 1 Double-Mirror, 1 Checkpoint, 1 Cell Blocker) and 1 Game Grid.

Batteries Included.

Anchura 27cm
Jugadores 1
Recommended minimum age 8
Altura 6,5cm
Profundidad 23cm
Piezas 60

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