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Tantrix Match!


TANTRIX MATCH is the latest addition to the Tantrix family.

TANTRIX MATCH is a puzzle-sudoku for a single player, especially designed to exercise spatial thinking and logic, which gives you long periods of entertainment.

How to play in four steps:
1-Choose a puzzle card
2 Put it on the wooden platform.
3 Find and place the physical tiles on the printed puzzle card.
4 Place the remaining tiles so that all the colors match.

TANTRIX MATCH contains twelve different puzzles sorted according to the level of difficulty. The number of stars given to each puzzle card indicates its difficulty, ranging from 1 (easy) to 4 (very difficult).
There are also four possible objectives to achieve; just to match colors, to build a line of one color or to build a closed circuit of one color.

The difficulty of each puzzle depends on the number and position of the printed tiles on the puzzle cards.

Besides the twelve puzzles you will also find a number of complementary activities that can be performed with the TANTRIX MATCH.

To complement TANTRIX MATCH there are also available two add-on packs of additional cards: Medium Edition (12 puzzles of medium difficulty) and Expert Edition (12 puzzles of high difficulty)

Content: 13 hexagonal tiles made of bakelite,  12 plasticized puzzle cards, 1 wooden platform and instructions.

Jugadores 1
Recommended minimum age 6

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