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IQ Candy Puzzle


IQ Candy, food for thought, dessert…for your brain!

Can you fit all of the candy-colored puzzle pieces on the game board? Treat your mind with this unique puzzle game. Featuring 60 challenges…you’ll be on a (sugar-free) rush for hours! A perfect birthday gift. Be aware! IQ Candy may look sweet, but it is not edible. Don’t eat the pieces, beat the challenges!

How to play:

  • Place selected puzzle pieces on the game board as indicated in each challenge.
  • Fit the remaining puzzle pieces on the game board. Puzzle pieces can be placed on either side in any orientation - if the pins on the game board allow it.
  • There is only one solution, found at the end of the included booklet.

Contents: 1 Game board, 7 Puzzle pieces, one booklet with 60 challenges and solutions



Altura 15,5cm
Anchura 15,5cm
Profundidad 6cm
Jugadores 1
Peso 350g
Recommended minimum age 7

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