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The object of Pete's Pike is to move Pete the hiker to the top of the icy mountain located at the center of the board, but this journey can be a bit of a slippery slope.


Pete and the Mountain Goats can only move towards each other because a moving piece cannot stop unless another piece is there to stop it.


As challenges get harder, players must exercise serious mental muscles to make a plan that gets Pete to the top of the mountain!

Pete's Pike is a fantastic game that strengthens both sequential and spatial reasoning skills.



  • 40 Mind Challenge Cards
  • 6 game tokens (Pete the hiker, 5 Mountain Goats) store inside game board
  • 4 levels of play, Beginner to Expert
  • Set of rules in english, french ans spanish
Altura 6,3cm
Profundidad 20,5cm
Recommended minimum age 8
Anchura 22,5cm
Jugadores 1

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