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Pirate's Gold is a sequential reasoning game that tests your strategic thinking skills. As you play, you'll need to look ahead, test options, and think your way through to solve each challenge. And to top it off it's really fun to play.


The goal is to move the obstacles aside and clear a path to escape the game board with the gold treasure chests.



  • 1 Pirate
  • 8 Directional Pieces
  • 8 Blocking Pieces
  • 4 Gold Treasure Chest Pieces
  • 1 Game Board Grid
  • 1 Game Storage Bag
  • 40 Challenge Cards with 4 Levels of Play, and Solutions
  • Set of rules in english and spanish
Altura 6,5cm
Profundidad 26,5cm
Recommended minimum age 8
Anchura 28,5cm
Jugadores 1

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