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Tantrix has become world renown as an elegant and addictive strategy game for 2-4 players. This edition, which came out in 2000, is called the "Game Pack" and represents 12 years of game development. It contains the award winning multi-player game and enough solitaire puzzles and activities to last a lifetime.


The Tantrix Game Pack, in addition to offering a wide variety of solitaire puzzles and a series of complementary activities, also offers a good board game to play either with family or as elegant and deep strategy game for two to four players


The set consists of 56 unique black tiles, all numbered and colour-coded on the reverse side, a practical colour travel bag and a new edition of the 50-page illustrated activity guide. Inside you'll find :

  • 28 Discovery puzzles
  • 5 Rainbow puzzles
  • The Classics: Junior, Student, Professor, Master and Genius puzzles
  • The "Two Unsolved Puzzles"
  • Tantrix Solitaire
  • Tantrix Gobble
  • and of course the game of Tantrix Strategy for 2-4 players

Play several times with it and you'll become very fond of as much as the players you can find at game room!


With Tantrix you'll be so amused and have so much fun that you will not realize that it is a game with a very interesting and educational pedagogical aspect .
Players not only learn to develop strategic thinking, spatial ability also, abstract problem solving and planning skills and memory.
You'll find in the downloads tab a School Activity Guide (in spanish) designed to work with younger children and older people with some kind of mental disability.

Jugadores 1-4
Piezas 56
Recommended minimum age 6

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