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A multi-award-winner in international competitions for best educational toy of the year, Rami has celebrated 30 years of success. Today it is still a modern toy that kids love and it remains unrivalled for its strong educational value.


It functions with levers and pushbuttons that need to be operated with good hand-eye coordination in order to free the way for the coloured marbles that will roll down the tracks into the right arrival box.


It’s a fun way for kids to get acquainted with binary numbers, the system on which computers are based. Each arrival box corresponds to a particular position of the 4 levers and to a different combination of the numbers 0 and 1: for example, the sequence 1001 corresponds to box number 9.


Included is a screen to cover the tracks and measure the players’ ability. Besides developing manipulative skills and increasing reasoning and logic skills, Rami is a great game to challenge your friends in fast and fun races.




The Number Game consists in filling the arrival boxes in numerical order, from 0 to 15 and then back to 0, in the shortest time possible without ever skipping a box.


While the Colour Game consists in filling all arrival boxes with two balls of the same colours.

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Recommended minimum age 4

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