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(... And not die trying) - Felix Brunet

Felix Brunet i Bragulat is a professional Magician and Illusionist by vocation. With 20 years of professional experience and having performed in various countries, boasts several international awards for performing Magic. He mastered various techniques: close up magic, comedy magic for adults, magic for children, mentalism, escapism and big illusions as well. His acting and interacting with the public, always in a dynamic and humorous way, makes everybody enjoy and participate with his show. This book aims to give a helpful tool for all lovers of the art of illusionism that are looking for a way to become professional magicians. In it you will find arguments, ideas, real anecdotes and the occasional advice and suggestions of things you should avoid (and shouldn't) to become a true professional. Everything Felix Brunet describes in this book is the result of many mistakes throughout his career and subsequent corrections. Take note not to fall into them you too.

CONTENTS: 1. The many ways of make a living performing Magic - performing in public. 2. How and when to take the step to be a professional magician - When will you know that it's time to make the leap - From how I managed to make a living performing Magic - Things you need to do when you grow professionally. 3. How to choose your stage name. 4. All-terrain show or closed number - Everyday show - convention type closed number. 5. How to choose your repertoire. 6. The Seven Magic Questions - Who hires you? - How did they find you? - What kind of event? - What kind of audience? -show schedule? - In what location? - What's the situation?. 7. Answering a contract application. 8. Your Advertising - Business Cards, flyers, postcards and brochures - posters or billboards - Your website, domain and email - Banner or roll-up - Your logo or font type - The famous word of mouth - Social networks and your presence in them. 9. Your appearance matters! - Your overall appearance - Your personal hygiene - Your work clothes. 10. Your cache and other prices - What price? - legal and pirate magicians - doubles and triples. 11. The sound equipment. 12. Magician's Survival Kit

148 pages
15 x 21 cms.

This book is in Catalan. Also available in Spanish. (ref. MCFELIX2)

Altura 21cm
Anchura 15cm
Recommended minimum age 14

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