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Tropical is part of our range of design puzzles, especially for adults. With the recent wave of young adults wanting to take a "digital detox" and refrain from using devices that can dominate everyday life, bewilderment is a popular hobby and a great way to relieve stress and focus on the present moment. The White Logo collection is perfect for the new wave of puzzles looking for more contemporary designs rather than traditional puzzle scenes.

Tropical is a 500-piece circular puzzle from our White Logo collection.

As with all Gibsons puzzles, they are 100% recycled, FSC paper and we work with the best artists from around the world. The beautifully illustrated pieces are designed to fit perfectly with each other; in fact, we use the thickest cardboard on the market. Everyone loves a Gibsons puzzle, even her Majesty the Queen of hers has been spotted with one.

We have made some positive changes to our processes, so you can be sure that you are receiving the most environmentally friendly puzzles. Not only does the box have a new look, we have used biodegradable clear labels to secure the lid instead of shrink wrap, reducing our plastic waste. We also use vegetable-based inks. The glossy lining of the box provides additional protection and the puzzle pieces are stored in a plastic bag that can be recycled by most municipalities.

Because the box is slightly smaller than our previous designs, we need less space to transport our products, which reduces our carbon footprint and means you can store your puzzles more easily. We have also placed an art poster inside for you to refer to while assembling your lovely puzzle.

High quality 500 piece circular puzzle.

100% recycled.
Puzzle dimensions: 49 cm in diameter.
Box dimensions: 20.5x20.5x5cm

Claire McElfatrick Born in Oxford in 1977, Claire grew up in Buckinghamshire, where she spent her childhood days doodling and painting surrounded by glorious scenery. She was never without her sketchbook and pencils and she always dreamed of becoming an artist.

Claire studied Fashion and Textile Design at DeMontfort University Leicester and, shortly after graduation, she landed her dream job as a greeting card designer for a leading UK publisher. After a successful 12-year career, she now happily works as a freelancer from her home studio in rural Northamptonshire, where she lives with her husband, her two daughters, and her tabby. her, Huey.

She loves strolling through vintage stores and follows trends closely. When she's not designing or running after her little monkeys, she loves to bake and indulge in her passion for movies. Her artwork is a mix of hand-drawn illustrations, collage, and Mac-based techniques.

Diámetro 49 cm
Piezas 500
Recommended minimum age + 8 a
OBSERVACIONES: las medidas son del puzzle terminado

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