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The Legend of Skull & Roses

Traditionally, biker gangs elected their leader in a ruthless competition called "Back on Track," consisting in to stay as long as possible being dragged by a high cubic capacity bike ... without spilling a drop of beer.
The sad state in which participants remained after this confrontation, however, led members of these bands to find a less painful test.
It was at the meetings in their favorite bar, the "Skull & Roses", where the more Machiavellian bikers devised the formidable game of bluffing now used to elect their supreme leader.

 To win the game you have to make the biggest bet, and once it's yours, guess the number of cards corresponding to the bet without finding a single letter Skull!

¿Does it look easy?Good, because you'll have to do it twice for the victory!

¿How much risk are you willing to take? If you're too shy, another player will exceed your bet to try to steal the victory. If you're too reckless, you risk losing everything revealing one of the damn Skull cards.


Good luck ...



• 6 Decks of 4 round cards
• 6 Two sided mats
• set of rules


Jugadores 3-6
Tiempo 45'
Recommended minimum age 10

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