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Carts filled with corpses slide down the muddy streets of a inhabited city. Copyist monks quietly write in cold monastery rooms. The hammer falls again and again over the hot metal in the blacksmith shop. Fragrant flowers open in the private gardens of the court. Grim and silent soldiers march on dusty roads looking for enemiesinfidels or not. It is the world of the Middle Ages, known by our ancestors, which defined our present.

But beyond the human, in the depths of the woods, in the loneliest cave, in the remotest cell, in the most concealed part of the human heart, legends live. The demons tread castles, elves hide in the forest, alchemists use spells and witches  laugh and laugh around the bonfire, in a clearing bathed in moonlight, as the demon, sitting between them, raises his goat head and smiles, directly to you, the reader:

"Welcome to the Aquelarre".

The dean of Spanish RPG has returned in its final edition! Twenty years after its first edition, Aquelarre becomes more complete and documented than ever. Through its more than 500 pages, old and new players will find plenty of information on medieval Spain, its people and customs.

This new edition keeps all the spirit and flavor of classic Aquelarre and has new mechanics to better solve certain game situations. More medieval and more demonic than ever, the book is presented in full color carefully edited in the style of codex and illuminated books.

This book is in Spanish

Recommended minimum age 10
Altura 3cm
Profundidad 28cm
Anchura 22cm