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Collection "The creations of the genius Leonardo da Vinci"

Discover more about the life of a great genius of mankind as Leonardo da Vinci was.

Five centuries later you can get to know some of his inventions. Replicas extracted directly from the master's notebooks that now you can discover!


Leonardo Da Vinci studied the printing that existed in his period and with subtle changes made ​​it more efficient. He used a gear system to move the paper from one side to the other along an inclined surface making the impression faster.


This collection develops the sense of observation and wit by assembling simple mechanisms in addition to the curiosity for history.

Guide and biography included. No tools required for assembly.


Made of high quality plastic.

Altura 22,5cm
Anchura 27cm
Profundidad 8cm
Recommended maximum age 12
Recommended minimum age 7

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