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XVII century: Bad times for agriculture ...

With each member of your family, initially living in a cabin, you can perform an action per round.

Fetching wood and rushes you can build new rooms and thus expand the family. With children you can perform more actions during a round although you will have to feed the whole family.

To get food you will have to plow fields and sow in them the necessary resources. Sown cereals and vegetables are harvested at harvest time which is also when the farm animals breed. To have your animals you must fence in plots for your sheep, wild pigs and cows to graze.

Both trades and acquisitions can help you provide for your family, giving you a slight advantage in the game. By transforming the log cabin into one of adobe and later on, into a stone house, victory points are achieved. But everything that helps you to support your family or to make life easier for them will also grant you victory points (especially children).

With 169 trade cards and 149 different acquisition cards, which also vary in each game, every time you play will be different. In addition, the game includes a family version, an advanced version and a solo version, for you to play whenever and with whoever you want.


9 game boards (double-sided), 135 resource tiles, 54 animal tiles, 25 person tiles, 75 fences, 25 stables, 33  fields/stone house tiles, 24 cabin tiles, 36 food tiles, 3 guest/rights tiles, 9 multiplication markers, 1 score notebook, 1 rulebook, 1 starting player token, 360 cards: 169 trades, 149 acquisitions, 14 round cards, 16 action cards, 5 beggary cards, 5 game help cards, and 2 deck cards.

This game is in Spanish

Altura 31,5cm
Profundidad 7cm
Peso 2,2kg
Recommended minimum age 12
Anchura 22,5cm
Jugadores 1-5
Tiempo 30'

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