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Polis: Fight for the Hegemony


Welcome to the 5th century B.C., in which the poleis (city states of ancient Greece, centres of cultural and political life) blossom into new splendor. Progress and destruction, blood and glory are cornerstones of this unique historical period, in which the ambitions of Athens and Sparta clash in a long struggle for hegemony.

Only a few years before, the Greek poleis came very close to being defeated by the Persian Empire – a fate that would have resulted in their loss of identity and autonomy. Threatened with such devastating consequence, a strong Pan-Hellenic spirit emerged. Under the leadership of the two largest poleis, Athens and Sparta, the united poleis fiercely fought for their own survival, their iron will and determination securing them victory over the powerful enemy.

With the Persian threat eliminated, the viewpoints of Athens and Sparta regarding government, economy, the military and other aspects of society, clash violently. A fierce struggle for power and influence begins, which will culminate in the Peloponnesian Wars.

It is also a period of great beauty and progress in which philosophy, culture, and art prosper and flourish – especially in Athens, under the reign of Pericles. But the continuous struggle between the two poleis repeatedly results in violent confrontations, and by the end of the Second Peloponnesian War both city-states have suffered vast losses. When Athens finally surrenders, both poleis have been seriously weakened by the war.

In Polis: Fight for the Hegemony, each player will take on the role of either Athens or Sparta, striving to expand his power and influence (either by diplomatic means or by force). But the growing alliance must be managed sensibly, and neither trade or expansion, nor scarce resources or military strength can be ignored. The poleis (plural of polis) need to flourish, and prestige must increase in order to achieve victory in this struggle for hegemony. Have fun!

You will find inside a Polis copy:

  • 1 rulebook in English and Spanish.
  • 1 game board.
  • 40 Event cards.
  • 18 Polis tiles.
  • 14 Project tiles.
  • 24 Combat cards.
  • 1 four-sided die.
  • 90 wooden cubes in blue and red (45 each).
  • 5 wooden cubes in black.
  • 50 wooden discs in blue and red (25 each).
  • 16 wooden ships in blue and red (8 each).
  • 1 blue and 1 red pawn.
  • 2 player boards.
Altura 7cm
Anchura 30cm
Profundidad 22cm
Jugadores 2
Tiempo 90-120'
Recommended minimum age 12

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