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In the shadowy corridors of Dungeon Twister no one will hear you scream.

The Archmage, helped by its resources and unlimited imagination, has captured a group of adventurers. Enjoy watching their desperate attempts to escape the maze. Sickly Goblins and small game such as Clerics, Thieves and Warriors are not enough any longer. In a display of his incredible powers, has captured dangerous creatures like dragons, ghosts, and golems. And when a Paladin or a Master of Arms cross his way by chance, he doesn't hesitate to also throw them into the labyrinth, to increase the fun of their private show.

Paladins & Dragons, the first expansion for Dungeon Twister, features eight new characters, six new items and eight new rooms. Now you have the opportunity to decide the fate of the dreaded Red Dragon, the Elf Scout, the fastest character in the game. You have to use the Ring of Teleportation carefully, drink at the Fountain of Youth to heal your wounds, or enter the Pentacle Room sinister. All these characters, objects and rooms are compatible with the Basic Game of Dungeon Twister. Using the two boxes can create an infinite number of new scenarios and customize your group of adventurers and your team to surprise your opponents developing new strategies.

You must have a copy of the Basic Game of Dungeon Twister to be able to use Paladins & Dragons.


Jugadores 2
Tiempo 45'
Recommended minimum age 11

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