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The phone company is controlled by creatures from outer space. Congressional Women have gotten hold of the Pentagon. Evil geniuses are building Orbital Mind Control Lasers ...Pointing in your direction!

The aim of this tense but fun game is to conquer the world, not with guns and missiles, but with sneaky tricks. Each player becomes one of the Illuminati, the "secret masters" who are fighting for world government. Increase your power and wealth, pulling the strings of power groups as the FBI, the Postal Service, the Nuclear Energy Companies, semiconscious Liberation Army, the Yuppies ... yes, even the Yuppies are part of the conspiracy.

No tactic is too convoluted, no stratagem too dirty in your fight for world power. Who, among the Illuminati, will finally get it? You'll have to wait until the double betrayal in the end to find out ...


Tiempo 1-2h
Jugadores 2-6
Recommended minimum age 12

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