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In sixteenth-century India, the mighty empire of the Great Mughals rises between the Indus and Ganges rivers. The players assume the role of rajas and ranis, the influential nobles of the country, and compete with each other in support of the empire, developing their possessions and turning them into increasingly rich and magnificent provinces. You must use your dice wisely and carefully plan the placement of your lackeys, never underestimating the benefits of karma. In your eagerness to become legendary rulers, success will bring you great riches and eternal glory!

CONTENT: 1 board, 48 dice, 24 lackeys, 4 provincial boards, 64 province tiles, 30 production tokens, 20 cubes, 4 Kali busts, 4 boats, 4 wealth indicators and 4 glory, 4 bonus tokens , 1 elephant and 8 river tokens.

Tiempo 45-75'
Altura 29,5cm
Profundidad 7,5cm
Peso 2kg
Recommended minimum age 12
Anchura 29,5cm
Jugadores 2-4

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